Back to the Cave

Back to the Cave is a first-of-its-kind exhibition of Modern and contemporary sculpture in the extraordinary setting of Clearwell Caves. Curated by Gallery Pangolin, the exhibition is held entirely underground, throughout 10 caverns, which have been aptly often known to miners as ‘galleries’. The exhibition successfully takes modern art back to its spiritual home: the cave, with an almost prehistoric atmosphere and a wonderful unexpected discovery at every turn.

A first-of-its-kind exhibition of Modern and contemporary sculpture

60 works of art will be on display by 47 internationally renowned artists:

  • Anthony Abrahams
  • Kenneth Armitage RA
  • Bruce Beasley
  • Nick Bibby
  • Hamish Black
  • Ralph Brown RA
  • Jon Buck
  • Halima Cassell MBE
  • Daniel Chadwick
  • Lynn Chadwick RA
  • Ann Christopher RA
  • Geoffrey Clarke RA
  • Mat Collishaw
  • Michael Cooper
  • Terence Coventry
  • Geoffrey Dashwood
  • Abigail Fallis
  • Sue Freeborough
  • George Fullard ARA
  • Maggi Hambling CBE
  • Damien Hirst
  • John Hoskin
  • Steve Hurst
  • Michael Joo
  • Jonathan Kenworthy
  • Jonathan Kingdon
  • Anders Krisar
  • Sarah Lucas
  • David Mach RA
  • Susie MacMurray
  • Anita Mandl
  • Charlotte Mayer
  • Polly Morgan
  • Eilis O’Connell RHA
  • Isaac Okwir
  • Peter Oloya
  • Eduardo Paolozzi CBE RA
  • Pangolin Designs
  • Hans-Ulrich Pauly
  • Tom Price
  • Peter Randall-Page RA
  • STIK
  • Tavares Strachen
  • Almuth Tebbenhoff
  • William Tucker RA
  • Deborah van der Beek
  • Jason Wason

There is something for everyone in this landmark mixed show.

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