If like us, once you’ve experienced the hidden world of our show cave, you want the adventure to continue...
Escape beneath the forest. Take one of our caving trips to venture into the parts of the mine and caves not normally visited by the public. Discover where the next turn takes you, emerge into a world seen by few eyes. Dare to go deeper!



Follow your curiosity further and take this simple caving adventure beyond the barriers. Perfect for younger groups or those who want the adventure to continue, but aren’t ready yet for anything too challenging; the semi-deep caving experience lets you crawl, slither and clamber into areas visitors wouldn’t normally experience. Gear up with helmets and lamps and get a little dirty; starting on the public tour, go off route with one of our excellent guides to discover areas last seen by miners centuries ago.

A perfect experience for adventure trips, birthdays, or just those with a curious nature. A memorable trip. Allow 2 hours.

Small groups are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. The 2hrs includes time for kitting up etc, arrive at least 10mins before the booked time to check in.

Adults: £20.00           Children: £15.00

All young persons (over 7 years and under 18 years) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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Go deep under the Forest, visiting this labyrinth of over 250 acres of passageways and caverns. Walk, crawl, slither and clamber your way down to 200ft (62m) underground; you will be caving through natural and mined features. Get geared up and our experienced guide leads you on a more serious caving adventure, with routes the guide adapts to suit a wide variety of skills, thrills, occasions and fun.

We supply helmets, lamps, overalls, wellies and any other safety equipment required, plus of course we provide your mine leader, who after discussion with your group, chooses a route to suit the groups ability and interests. Allow 3 hours.

Small groups are led through the cave by experienced and knowledgeable guides. The 3hrs includes time for kitting up etc, arrive 10 minutes before the booked time to check in.

Adults: £30.00        Children: £25.00

All young persons (over 7 years and under 18 years) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.



From the very first days the Caves opened to the public in 1968, groups have been taken underground. Educational and youth groups are a speciality, we provide exciting guided trips and caving activities for many schools, primary and secondary, as well as for colleges and university level. The elements of education and fun can be balanced to suit the group’s interest or projects. Subjects can range from: how the miners worked; cave formation; geology; limestone; iron; Victorians; child labour in mines; to elements such as underground, light and dark, rocks etc, or just simply completing a challenging physical adventure.

Please telephone to book so we can apply any special group discounts and to make sure we organise guides suitable for the group’s requirements.

There are four main types of visit available to groups:


The group lead themselves through the show caverns.

Allow 40mins-1hr*


Groups are led through the show caverns by experienced mine guides.

Allow 1-1.5hrs*


A part guided tour of the show mine and 1hr caving activity. The group wear helmets, lamps and overalls, will be crawling in places and also get a little dirty.

Allow 2hrs*


The group are kitted out with helmets, lamps, overalls and wellies and go on a 2hr caving activity, involving crawling and scrambling down to 200ft underground, through cave and mine workings.

Allow 3hrs*

* Times shown are just for the underground part of the visit, extra time should be allowed for arrival, use of loos, shop, café etc. Times can be varied if you let the guide know when you arrive.


What ability is required?

The caving trips are suitable from beginners with no experience, through to experienced cavers. There are no requirements, but you do need to be able to support yourself on your arms and crawl short distances on your tummy. As long as you are reasonably able bodied and willing to do some simple, slithering and scrambling in places, you should be able to complete and enjoy a great trip. Caving trips will adapted to best suit the least able person in the group.

Can a child go on their own?

No. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by their responsible adult throughout the trip.

What clothing do I need to wear?

Wear loose warm clothing you do not mind getting dirty. We supply overalls but you will still get a little grubby. Do not overdress, you will stay warm once you get underway and throughout the trip. A sweat shirt and track suit bottoms are the most comfortable to wear.

Will I get wet during the trip?

It is a dry cave/mine system with occasional drips and puddles in places, but you remain dry and warm throughout the trip.

What age is it suitable for?

We normally do caving activities from 7 years and upwards, as long as you are generally able bodied, there is no upper age limit. If you have concerns please telephone to book and we can advise you.

Can I change my booking after I have made it?

We will do our best to help you change your booking up to 2 days before you are due to come, to another scheduled time slot, availability permitting.

Can I cancel my ticket?

We can refund your ticket(s) up to 2 days before the booked time for the trip. After this time we will try to transfer the ticket to another scheduled trip, subject to availability. There is a £5.00 cancellation fee for any refund (fee per transaction, not per ticket), to cover the card and ticketing charges we have paid. Refunds are paid back by the ticketing company, to the original card.

I have health problems can I still do the caving trip?

If you have any health concerns we recommend consulting your doctor before undertaking a caving activity. You need to be reasonably fit to undertake these activities. We will try to adapt caving activities to suit ability, but if you have concerns, telephone in advance either discuss them at the time of booking, or speak to the manager and we can help advise you. Before taking the trip, after an initial health check of the group, the guide has the ultimate say on who they are willing to take.

What equipment do you provide?

We supply helmets, lamps, overalls, wellies and any safety equipment required and of course, we provide your experienced mine leader.

What footwear should I bring?

We recommend that if possible everyone arrives wearing walking boots, or wellies with good a grip. We do have some wellies available if you do not have anything appropriate, or do not wish to get your footwear dirty. Trainers are not normally suitable, unless made for hillwalking.

Will I feel claustrophobic?

This obviously depends on the person; caving activities do not suit everyone. In places you need to crawl or slither through passageways, the crawls however are fairly short and the caverns you visit are very large, with most of the trip being walking. Many visitors have some apprehension, because caving is such an unfamiliar activity. Once underway, your unfamiliarity usually lifts and the trip can be enjoyed. Apprehensive visitors often remark how once they have got underway, they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Can I telephone through my order for tickets or call in and book?

You can do either. Your booking will be added into the same system, but you can call us or call in to the Caves to book if you wish to. This might be useful if you would like more information about the trips.

What are the full terms and conditions of our online booking?

We have all our terms and conditions shown here.

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