Go beyond the show mine

Come and enjoy the history and mystery of these impressive ancient mine workings. We invite your group to share the experience of discovering winding passageways and large caverns where iron ore has been won by miners for over 4,500 years. Groups are led by experienced and enthusiastic guides who will combine excitement with an understanding of these fascinating workings.

From the very first days the Caves opened to the public in 1968 we have taken groups underground. Educational groups in particular are a speciality, we provide exciting guided trips and caving activities for many schools, primary and secondary, as well as for colleges and universities. The elements of education and fun are balanced to suit the group's interests or projects. Subjects can range from: how the miners worked; cave formation; local geology; limestone; iron; Victorians; child labour in mines; to simple elements such as underground, light and dark, rocks etc, or a physical adventure activity.

There are four main types of visit available to groups:

1. Self guided visit.

The group lead themselves through the show mine.

Allow 40mins-1hr.*

A guide book is available.

2. Guided tour.

Groups are led through the show mine by experienced mine guides.

Allow 1-1.5hrs.*

* Times shown are just for the underground part of the visit, extra time should be allowed for arrival, use of loos, shop, café etc. Times can be varied if you let the guide know when you arrive.

3. Semi-Deep Level visit.

A part guided tour of the show mine and simple caving activity. The group wear helmets and lamps, will be crawling in places and also get a little dirty. Allow 2hrs.*

More Details Here

4. Deep Level visit.

The group are kitted out with helmets, lamps, overalls and wellies and go on a caving activity, involving crawling and scrambling down to 200ft underground, through cave and mine workings. Allow 3hrs.*

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Clearwell Caves provide guides free of charge for all pre-booked groups. Visits by groups are very popular at certain times of the year, book well in advance to ensure a guide is available at your preferred time.

Take your group to Clearwell Caves and give them an experience they will enjoy and remember!

Download Your Pre-Group Visit PDF

Descending down into the caves

AALA licensed - for caving and mine exploration. License no: L12105/0009 Call 029 2075 5715 for AALA information or visit www.aala.org.uk