Lots of events and happenings at the caves!!

We run many and varied events throughout the year, including watching films underground, caving, theatical events, and even parties, all alongside our opening for the visitors to the amazing cave complex. Check back here to see what is coming soon.

Bat Nav

We are currently installing fantastic, Arts Council and Foresters Forest funded, sound and interactive installations, we have called 'Bat Nav.' The projects are sound based to show how bats use sound to communicate and echolocate in complete darkness. The installations allow visitors to imaginatively hear (and feel) how bats do this. Learn to appreciate how sophisticated these tiny animals are.  

Inner Ear

During October, we have fantastic performance events  by 'Inner Ear' from Sweden; this will be a promenade event with contemporary dance and music through the first caverns leading to the main performance in 'the Sound Chamber' 100ft underground. Refreshments will be available. 

Book an exciting and adventurous caving activity - Try Caving!


Come caving at the caves   

Explore beneath the Earth's surface, have fun and enjoy challenges at the same time, as you discover this unique natural cave and mine system. If you don't see a date available that you can manage, give us a ring and we may still be able to arrange a trip for another time. You can book for individuals, or small groups on the website, or groups of six or more, call the Caves to enquire, or book.

Specialist and educational visits by schools are particularly welcome from 7yrs+ - we are licensed by the AALA for caving activities and hold the LOtC Adventure Mark.

There are two levels of caving activity: Deep Level - for more adventurous visitors ... and Semi-Deep Level - combining a tour of the show cave with a shorter caving activity, both trips are suitable for most able bodied persons and can be suited to complete novices through to experienced cavers. The next caving activities are shown on the link below, or if you have a group of six or more please ring to book, any time throughout the year. 

Click here for the Caving page

Halloween Tickets are now available!

We only hold one party a year and this is it! Our 50th annual Halloween Party, 100ft underground in an impressive partly candle-lit cavern. There is continuopus music from a great DJ and live band; a unique atmosphere with 300 guests.

Entry is by pre-booked ticket only. Fancy Dress (with sensible footwear) compulsory. Pay bar.

Tickets are £38 each, including a couple of hotdogs or burgers (vegetarian versions available) to keep you going throughout the evening. 

Join us to celebrate our special 50th Halloween event!