Go beyond the show mine

We have been introducing visitors to these fascinating and complex abandoned workings for over 40 years. Curiosity about the workings has encouraged people to return again and again, venturing further into this extensive and atmospheric mine system. The trips are a great adventure for any group.

If your group has a sense of adventure and wants to experience an exciting, real caving activity, our Deep Level visits offers physical challenge combined with spectacular mine workings and a fascinating history.

Deep Level trips can be for adventure, education or both; the trips create a real sense of achievement and build self esteem, they are also a good way for families, new classmates or work colleagues to get to know each other better; working together as they descend into an unfamiliar and uncompromising environment.

Groups are led by well trained and experienced mine leaders, holding site specific assessments from British Caving Association assessors. Clearwell Caves are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), for adventure activities with young persons (for caving and mine exploration) AALA licence number L13425/0009.

Your Questions Answered

Deep Level Visits

Deep Level visits involve walking, crawling through narrow passageways and scrambling over rocks; down to approximately 200ft underground, discovering natural and mining features along the way. The labyrinthine workings cover an area of over 600 acres (245ha) with miles of passageways, offering a variety of experiences to suit every group and interest. We occasionally run special caving events for individuals or family groups who would like to go caving and wish to join onto a small group to go caving. See our Events page for up coming trips.

We supply helmets, lamps, overalls, wellies and any safety equipment required and of course your mine leader, who after discussion with your group will choose a route to suit their ability and interests. Allow 3 hours.

Small groups are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. The 3hrs includes time for kitting up etc.

  • Adults: £30.00
  • Under 18's: £25.00
  • All groups of young persons (over 7rs and under 18yrs) must include a responsible adult.

Semi-Deep Level Visits

For younger groups or less adventurous but curious visitors, you can try the popular Semi-Deep Level visit. Here the group are kitted up with helmets and lamps to visit the show mine and then half way through their tour they go off the public route to undertake a simple caving activity; clambering into workings where visitors wouldn't normally venture and where, many years ago, children would have worked. The caving part of the Semi-Deep Level tour involves simple crawling and scrambling and getting dirty! Allow 2 hours.

Both trips make fantastic experiences for all ages, especially birthdays and one they will always remember. Enjoy the Cafe afterwards, or contact us to arrange a birthday tea or meal, please ring for details.

Small groups are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. The 2hrs includes time for kitting up etc.

  • Adults: £20.00
  • Children: £15.00
  • All groups of young persons (over 7rs and under 18yrs) must include a responsible adult.

Descending down into the caves

AALA licensed - for caving and mine exploration. License no: L13425/0009 Call 029 2075 5715 for AALA information or visit www.aala.org.uk

Lower level caving ... Frequently Asked Questions

The trips are suitable for absolute beginners, right through to experienced cavers. There are no requirements, as long as you are reasonably able bodied and willing to do some simple crawling and scrambling in places. The trips are adapted to suit the least able person in the group.

We will try to adapt caving activities to suit any ability; if you have concerns, book by telephone and let us know what the problem is and we can advise you. The guide however must still have the ultimate say on who they are willing to take on a trip.

Children under 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the trip.

Children must be over the age of 7, and must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the trip.

Loose warm clothing that you do not mind getting dirty are the best. We supply overalls but you will still get a little grubby. Do not overdress as you will get warm as you keep moving during the trip.

We recommend that if possible everyone arrives wearing walking boots or wellies. We do have some wellies available if you do not have anything appropriate.

No. It is a dry cave system with occasional drips and puddles in places, but you remain dry and warm throughout the trip.

This obviously depends on the person; you need to crawl through passageways in places, the crawls however are fairly short and the caverns you visit are often very large. Many visitors can feel apprehensive, as caving is such an unfamiliar activity, but people often remark how once they have started they have really enjoyed the experience.

We normally do caving activities from 7 years upwards, as long as you are generally able bodied, there is no upper age limit. If you have concerns please telephone to book and we can advise you.

Yes you can. Your booking will be added into the same system, but you can call us or call in to do this should you wish to.

We will do our best to help you change your booking up to 3 days before you are due to come, to another scheduled time slot, availability permitting.

We have all our terms and conditions shown here.